Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Praying for all orphans & outreach to orphans

Although the doors to adoption in Rwanda are temporarily closed. . . there is still so much we can do. Watch this heart-wrenching video from Saddleback on Rwandan orphan care as well as local orphan initiatives. (be sure to pause our music player at the bottom of our blog before turning on video)


  1. Finally, pulled up the video from Saddleback church. Great work!!
    I feel you and Jim's disappointment. Also, hope Kaitlyn will somehow understand the delay in having a baby brother. So sorry, but God must have other plans. Onward with vision and faith and keep looking Upward!!!

  2. Stephanie,

    I want to thank you for posting this and also for your post on our Yahoo group. We had just mailed in our I600A when Rwanda made its announcement. It was hard on me, but I received this overwhelming peace from God that He held us right where He wants us. I felt God saying wait and also PRAY! So many times we want things to work out swiftly, but we need to remember that we are just part of a greater eternal plan. Our journey to adopt has been so knitted to Rwanda and I just felt so burdened to use this time to pray for this country, for its leaders, for the orphanage and for the children. I have been praying specifically for leaders, by name, and for God's covering over the orphanage and in front of its beautiful blue gate. I am so encourage to find another family who is willing to wait on the Lord for now and see where he leads. My cousin goes to Saddleback and when she was in town this past summer she spoke a lot about their work there and that Rick Warren met with the president of Rwanda. This country needs our prayers.
    Julie Thompson