Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let the paper chase (AKA paper pregnancy) begin!

Yeah! Today we received our official Rwanda program information/paperwork from our adoption agency! We've now been assigned our family coordinator to help us gather our paperwork (dossier) to send to Rwanda. We also were assigned our social worker to begin our home study process. It really feels official now & we can begin gathering all of our paperwork to prove to that we will be great adoptive parents. Yippee! Our "paper pregnancy" has begun . . .


  1. Good luck with everything:) We are at the beginning of the process too so would love to follow your story.

  2. Hollie, so glad to connect with you!!! We travel to Nova Scotia every year (either end of summer or early fall) to visit my in-laws in Kingsburg (near Lunenburg). It will be fun to follow your adoption story as well!

  3. I sent you an email as well, but just read about your adoption story and saw your sweet family pictures! It's great to connect with other families at the same stage we are! Looking forward to getting to know you even better in future months, as we wait for our precious babies!!